How to change your Domain Name System (DNS)

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What is Domain Name System? (DNS)

DNS is a system that works on the web similarly to a phone book. The domain names registered on the net are then translated into Internet protocol addresses for the data kept on computers and machines for a website. Without the domain name system, we would simply have to log into each website using the IP address, which can be constantly migrating, depending on the nature of the server. With DNS, we have access to a phone book online to locate the data we are looking for easily.

IOS instructions

Step 1: Press the power button on your IOS device.

ios home screen
Step 2: Enter your password

ios enter password
Step 3: Click on Settings

ios screen after unlock
Step 4: Click on the Wi-Fi on the top left of your screen and click the little "i" next to your Wi-Fi network

ios screen after pressing Settings
Step 5: Click on the DNS on the fourth column and double tap on it.

ios network display
Step 6: You can now change the DNS to your ISP DNS server.

How to change dns in ios
Step 7: You have updated your DNS server for your IOS device..

Your DNS on ios has now been changed

Are you using an computer or an iPad/iPhone/iPod

Android instructions

Step 1: Unlock your Android device and click on Settings

Android Home
Step 2: Click on WLAN

Android Settings
Step 3: Hold onto the network name and click on Modify network

Android WiFi
Step 4: Click on the down button

Android WiFi -
Step 5: Click on Advanced options

Android Wifi settings
Step 6: Click on Static

Android Static
Step 7: Enter DNS settings and SAVE

Android Save

Windows instructions

Step 1: Click on the windows logo and then click on Control Panel on the side

Windows start menu
Step 2: Click on Network and Sharing Center

Windows Control Panel
Step 3 Click on Change adapter settings

Windows Network settings
Step 4: Right click on the connection you want to change DNS on and click on Properties.

Windows network connections
Step 5: Click on IPV4 then Properties

Windows connection properties
Step 6: Click on Advanced

Windows dns settings
Step 7: Click on DNS tab

Windows add button dns settings
Step 8: Click on Add… and type in the DNS you want to use

Windows changing dns
Step 9: Click OK

Windows change dns to Google dns
Step 10: Click OK. Your DNS has now been changed.

Windows apply settings to change dms

macOS instructions

Step 1: Click on the logo on the top left of your screen and two down; click on “System Preferences…”

macOS desktop

Step 2: On the third column and four across you will see Network and click on it.

macOS system preferences

Step 3: Click on "Advanced…"

macOS network

Step 4: Click on DNS which is three across.

macOS Wi-Fi

Step 5: Double tap on one IP address at a time to change to your ISP DNS server and when done, press "OK".

macOS dns

Step 6: Click on Apply and the settings will apply.

macOS dns updated