How to disable your firewall?

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What is a firewall?

A firewall is a network element that's designed as part of a computer system to block unauthorized access of components or software on the computer. It allows the user to perform outward communications but will not allow for incoming communications or commands unless express permission is given in firewall exceptionsFirewalls can help secure a computer and protect it from attacks, which can be hardware or software-based. While many people are quick to disable their firewalls to make certain applications work, allowing for exceptions can eliminate many vulnerabilities on your computers and devices.

IOS instructions

You can't disable the firewall.

Are you using an computer or an iPad/iPhone/iPod

Android instructions

You can't disable the firewall

Windows instructions

Step one: Click on the windows logo and then click on Control Panel on the side

Windows start menu

Step two: Click on Windows Firewall

Windows 7 control pancel, clicking on Windows Firewall
Step three: Click on Turn Windows Firewall on or off

Windows Firewall
Step four: Click on Turn off Windows Firewall then click OK.

Turning Windows 7 firewall on or off

macOS instructions

Step one: Click on the logo on the top left of your screen and two down, click on “System Preferences…”

macOS desktop

Step two: On the first column and six across you will see Security Privacy and click on it.

macOS system preferences

Step three: Click on the lock on the bottom of the Security Privacy window.

macOS Securtiy & Privacy General

Step four: Type in your Username and Password, then click on Unlock

macOS enter Username and Password

Step five: At the bottom of the window, you can see the lock is unlocked; on the top bar, you will see Firewall. Click on the tab. Then click on “Turn Off Firewall”.

macOS firewall

Step six: Your Firewall is now turned off.

macOS turning firewall on or off